Melanie Willard Professional Speaker

   Every Church in Canada should hear this presentation!

The most impactful part of the presentation was the very helpful words and strategies to minister to
ourselves and those God brings into our lives. I've identified how to guard against those things I am
prone to fall into and the fact that I must take better care of myself!
Melanie's raw honesty and vulnerability are so vitally needed!
What a gift to all of us is Melanie and how God is using her!   

David Warner, Business owner, Ottawa, ON

Faith Based Seminars

Melanie’s greatest passion is to equip believers to know God more intimately and to make Him known! She has experienced the grave consequences of ministry burnout first hand. She shares her inspiring yet sobering message with compassion, authority, and boldness that can only come from lived experience backed up by the Word of God. Her passion and grit are contagious leaving her audience wanting more of God and ready to make necessary changes in order to live more fruitful lives.

Melanie longs to see the church be a safe place for broken people and leaders to find acceptance and experience the healing and transforming power of God in their lives.

The following is a list of seminars that can be offered separately or combined as a one day conference.

[+] Building a Resilient Tribe (Seminar)

[+] Flaming Out: The Cost of Ministry (Seminar)

[+] Crisis Care 101

[+] Armed for Battle