Melanie Willard Professional Speaker

Real talk, with real people about real life.

Join Melanie as she discusses her book “Dare to be RAW” with Cornwall’s only talk radio station, DCN’s The Couch.
Each month they will candidly dissect a chapter from her book.
Join the hope filled conversation as we seek to break the silence and stigma attached to human suffering.

Dare to be  RAW
Episode 1.

(January 2018)

Chapter 1 - All the ingredients for a happy life. What went wrong?

Dare to be  RAW
Episode 2.

(February 2018)

Chapter 2 - Masked: The Cost of Being an Imposter.

Dare to be  RAW
Episode 3.

(March 2018)

Chapter 3 – Anorexia: How Starvation Became My Voice.

Dare to be  RAW
Episode 4.

(April 2018)

Chapter 4 - Domestic Violence: Welcome to Hell.

Dare to be  RAW
Episode 5.

(May 2018)

Chapter 5 - A Surprise Encounter: The Day Everything Changed.