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Increasing resilience & well-being
in front-line workers.

Speaker & Author

Melanie trains front line professionals on burnout prevention, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma and PTSD. Her goal is to help you:
✓  Minimize the cost of caring
✓  Provide tools to increase resiliency
✓  Re-ignite your passion to serve
✓  Improve workplace morale


“Dare to be Raw is a must read to any and all front line workers.”
Daniel C. Parkinson - OOM Chief of Police, Retired.

In 2018, Melanie's book was one of the top 10 finalists for a global award.

Melanie Willard, Leadership Training

Dare to be Raw

  • by Melanie Willard.

Melanie Willard, Keynote Speaker and Author

The Black Horizon

  • by Herbert Scherer.

Melanie Willard, Workplace Culture

First Responder Review

Interview on the 700 Club Canada


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First Responders, Team Building

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Staff Training, Team Building

Staff Retreat, Self Care

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