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You will leave inspired, equipped and fired up to keep showing up!

I’ve been really motivated to keep serving our clients! I realized that I’m only going to be effective if I have a support system and take care of myself. I was reminded that we’re all human and that we can’t underestimate our impact on anyone! Such a needed session!
Fanny: Funeral Director, Brunet Funeral Home Rockland, ON

Building Resilience in Frontline Staff

Building Resilience in Frontline Staff, First Responders What First Responders and helping professionals are exposed to on the frontlines takes its toll on all aspects of their lives. This session will help you counter these negative impacts, and provide you with tools to increase resilience both professionally and personally.

  • PTSD, vicarious trauma, burnout & compassion fatigue: Preventions, causes & cures
  • Increase individual and team resiliency, while counteracting job-related stress
  • Protect workplace morale despite constant exposure to human suffering
  • Identify warning signs of a struggle in yourself and your coworkers
  • Self-care practices: Tips to recharge and find life balance
  • Disengage: “Learn how to not bring home the burdens”
  • Rehumanize yourself
  • Peer support 101

I’ve heard many seminars on the topic but no one expanded and communicated it like you did. Needs to be offered to First Responders EVERYWHERE!
Cornwall SD&G Paramedics

Born to Influence: Sustaining a Life of Impact

Born to Influence, Team Building This inspiring and thought provoking presentation is geared for leaders, employers and staff. Melanie shares strategies that will help you create a sustainable and thriving work environment where employees are committed, valued, and engaged. This presentation will be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

  • Look at the characteristics of a great leader.
  • Discover “how” we communicate affects moral and performance.
  • Eliminate the toxic attitudes and behaviors that will infect your team.
  • Create a culture where loyalty, creativity and integrity are the fruit of your environment.
  • Learn to maximize your team’s performance and draw the best out of each individual employee.

Your message is extremely real, relatable and applicable to ALL areas of life! Your talk makes us reflect on so much. I feel enriched and reminded of the importance of taking care of myself and motived to change my ways at work. I loved your message on team work. So many good concepts on how to be a better leader and a better person. You make me want to improve myself so I can bring change to someone else’s life.
Reviews from Glengarry Community Living

Care for the Caregiver

Care for the Caregiver, Tools for Burnout The purpose of this workshop is to equip, inspire and refresh those who give of themselves to the care of others. It provides insights and tools for burnout and compassion fatigue prevention as well as strategies for maintaining a healthy team.

  • Compassion fatigue & caregiver burnout: Signs, prevention & recovery.
  • Self-care practices: Tips to recharge and find life balance.
  • The art of disengaging: “How to not bring the burdens home with you”.
  • Compassion & intuition: Essential caregiver tools.
  • Rehumanize yourself.

Wow! This seminar really exceeded my expectations! Your seminar made way for much stirring and self-reflection in a good and much needed way! It’s refreshing to hear a presenter use “real life” examples to validate and bring home the lessons. You helped me be more conscientious of my reactions towards my clients and what they are going through.
Reviews from: Prescott Russell Social Services, l’Orignal, ON