Eye opening, riveting, amazing, horrific, passionate and wonderfully written all at once.
Tracey Lucking - Ottawa, ON

Dare to be Raw

While author and speaker Melanie Willard bares her soul, she takes you on a journey to embrace your own humanness.

  • Explore the cost and ripple effects that poor coping mechanisms can produce.
  • Learn what to do and what not to do when facing adversity.
  • Look at the crippling consequences of shame, isolation, regret, and perfectionism.
  • Discover the freedom that comes from vulnerability.
  • Learn to rise above and move beyond disappointments and challenges.
This inspiring and candid memoir promises to inject the reader with newfound grit, renewed hope, and compassion for human suffering. An adventurous and passionate fighter who is no stranger to pain, Melanie has overcome many life-threatening battles such as cancer, loss, eating disorders, domestic abuse, and addictions.

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“Having served on the front lines, I can say that Dare to be Raw is a gritty true life story that will resonate with so many. Although Melanie could have surrendered many times, she chose to not be a victim or casualty but a true warrior at heart. After reading this book, the raw emotions Melanie shared will impact the way you think, interpret and respond to life’s critical challenges.”

Al Gray - RCMP (Retired),
Vancouver, B.C.

“The best book I've ever read! What a journey your life has been and all I can say is WOW! How much a person can go through and come out of it as a CHAMP… I was amazed beyond belief! You are a true inspiration to us all!”

Christianne Nadon,
Alexandria, ON

“Wow! What a truly inspiring story of resilience, strength and perseverance! As a First Responder, I believe this book will shine light on the stigma attached to PTSD and it’s effects on First Responders and caregivers. It could be used as a healing tool to help us become more open and honest of our true condition. It has deeply impacted me and helped me become more vulnerable... in my personal and professional life.”

Pascale Ricard - Cornwall SDG Paramedic Services,
Cornwall, ON

"As a high school teacher I know that youth and parents around the world need to hear your story! Your thoughts captured in this book will be insightful tools for many as it was for me. Thank you for your courage!! Bravo!"

Kim Longtin,
Ottawa, ON

Dare to be Raw was a TOP 10 finalist for a global award in the Memoir category.
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